Thomas A. Bacharach
RMC Group

Charleston, SC, 29401
Phone: (239) 510-3151
Mobile: (860) 280-4182
Fax: (239) 298-8211

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Tom is an experienced Vice President whose insurance industry track record proves his capabilities at providing SMB business owners creative solutions in Business Planning, Wealth Accumulation, Risk Management, Commercial Insurance, and Retirement plan design. Tom is a joined RMC in March of 2007

Across thirty years in the Insurance industry he has preformed a variety of differing roles. Most recently, as the Business Development Officer for the in-house BGA of LPL. Prior to that he joined AXA Distributors as a Regional Vice President in July of 2004, with the purchase of Mutual of New York(MONY). Mr. Bacharach was a founding member of MONY Partners, the newly created brokerage life division that began in October of 2000.  During his tenure with these companies he has enjoyed a 6 year record of doubling production each year.

Mr. Bacharach has held additional roles as an Agent, Sales Manager, Benefit Manager for a Cafeteria plan TPA, and spent 6 years with BISYS as a Brokerage Manager.

Tom is a former Air Force Officer, and currently resides in Charleston, SC  with his wife, rescue dogs and he works on his golf handicap whenever possible.



RMC Group began as a life insurance agency and actuarial consulting company in Chicago, Illinois, in 1974. 

Since then, we have grown into an international conglomerate with offices throughout the United States and Caribbean.

Our scope has expanded to all areas of risk management, insurance, and employee benefits. 

Members of RMC Group include the original life insurance agency and actuarial consulting company, as well as a legal reserve life insurance company, a property and casualty insurance company, a property and casualty insurance agency, a captive insurance company manager, and a technology company. 

Our mission is to be a world leader in risk management consulting. A business cannot be successful unless it has provided for the mitigation of both foreseeable and unanticipated risks. This includes protecting the business from risks ranging from property damage to emerging risks that might cause an interruption to normal business operations. It includes protecting the business from the death of key employees and providing for a succession plan. It includes developing a first class employee benefits program to attract and retain the best employees. 

Whatever your clients may need, RMC Group will be there to help you become and remain your clients’ most trusted advisor.

Whatever your needs may be, RMC Group will be there to help you.

RMC Group specializes in the design and marketing of innovative insurance products and employee benefit plans for the small business and estate planning markets. RMC Group has been working with leading insurance companies for forty years, providing actuarial, marketing, and administrative expertise to help our partners successfully deliver complex employee benefit and risk management programs.