Does my accountant know about this?

Fully Insured Defined Benefit Plans are not a secret.

They've been around for decades and offer the highest allowable contributions,
but there are few financial professionals who really understand them.

Many accountants become enthusiastic about the Fully Insured Pension option when they learn about the features and advantages offered to their clients. Some even enroll their own firm in a Fully Insured Plan. It pays to find out what your advisor knows. We can help by providing a case study for your business, that you can discuss with your CPA.

Knowledge that can have a significant impact on your retirement lifestyle.
2018 Plan Limits
The annual monthly benefit from a Fully Insured plan has been raised to $18,333

Your accountant should know how much you can save.

 Fully Insured plans protect your business, your family, and your future.

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If you have any questions about Fully Insured Defined Benefit Plans
Colin Hurley would be glad to help answer them.

Fully Insured Defined Benefit Pension arrangements are the top tier of small business retirement planning.

Known as "412(e)(3) Plans" they are completely guaranteed by life insurance company products. Unlike traditional Defined Benefit Plans or Profit Sharing Plans, the 412(e)(3) Plan invests exclusively in permanent life insurance and/or annuity contracts with guaranteed rates of return. The plan is funded by consistent contributions for a predictable period of time, avoids the ups and downs of the stock market, while neutralizing the potential for equity losses and under-funded conditions. You get the largest contributions of any qualified retirement plan, by far, which means that you can invest more and accumulate at a faster rate than with any other tax deductible plan.

Fully Insured Plans are underwritten by top grade Companies:

 New York Life Insurance Company  National Life Group  Security Mutual Life of New York
Read about private Defined Benefit plans in
Forbes, The Wall Street Journal and Nasdaq

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